Cedar seating / side table orb November 22 2016

Cedar Icosahedron October 20 2016


Tie Dye Dodecahedron September 03 2016

Tensegrity sculpture December 16 2015

This brass table top tensegrity sculpture is a prototype for a larger scale outdoor version. 

tensegrity brass icosahedron geometry prototype

Hidden symbol, uncovered by the light. 

tensegrity symbol merkaba


Dome prototype December 15 2015

Truncated dodecahedron event dome prototype.

dome outside night dodecahedron event

event dome phillip mcveen

Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP pop up December 15 2015

Excited to have been a part of Gwyneth Paltrow and Michelle Nussbaumer's GOOP holiday pop up at Highland park Village in Dallas, TX. 

gwyneth paltrow goop dallas opening

gwyneth paltrow goop close up

leather side table gwyneth paltrow goop dallas

Rainbow installation December 15 2015

Rainbow stairwell installation at 100 West Corsicana diffracts sunlight through microscopic triangles. 

rainbow light diffraction evan

Mirrored Orbs December 14 2015

Custom cuboctahedron side table pairing. Red oak, mirrors, tung seed oil.

red oak mirrored orb custom pairing furniture


Lemurian Seed Crystal Grid December 14 2015

Lemurian seed crystal grid dome frame based off of the truncated dodecahedron. Dallas, Texas. 

lemurian seed dodecahedron crystal grid dome frame

lemurian seed dodecahedron crystal grid dome frame crystals double terminated

lemurian seed dodecahedron crystal grid dome frame studio corsicana altendorf

Patron Shoot December 14 2015

A few of my favorite shots left over from the Patron Magazine editorial.

Vanessa Moody patron furniture model neiman marcus

Vanessa Moody patron furniture neiman marcus

Vanessa Moody patron model kaleidoscope gemstone

vanessa moody dodecahedron furniture model

Model -Vanessa Moody
Photograper - Shayna Fontana
Hair and makeup - Kate Yancey
Styling - Carlos Alonso-Parada
Location - 100 West 3rd Ave, Corsicana TX